A Division of Phoenix International                           
Prowler is a registered trademark of Phoenix International. It is not to be confused with the use of the name “Prowler” by a recreational vehicle manufacturer doing business as Artco or Arctic Cat. Prowler is built by the ATV Corp division of Phoenix International Systems, an AS 9100/ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer that is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The Prowler is available under GSA Contract No. GS-03F-0056T.

I  N  T  E  R  N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

We are ... Sui Generous** Sui generis ( /ˌsuːaɪ ˈdʒɛnərɪs/;[1] Latin: [ˈsʊ.iː ˈɡɛnɛrɪs]) is a Latin expression, literally meaning of its own kind/genus or unique in its characteristics.[2] The expression is often used in analytic philosophy to indicate an idea, an entity, or a reality which cannot be included in a wider concept.
This 4-minute video shows the Prowler LTATV in very demanding operational applications and environmental extremes. Join the Prowler at the Royal Thailand Army Light Strike Vehicle Test and Obstacles Facility. Experience the Prowler at 14,000 feet, being driven out of a C-130 with its operator controlling its deployed parachute/airfoil to a desert landing at PATCAD (Precision Airdrop Technology Conference and Demonstration) at the U.S.Army Yuma Proving Grounds. 
Experience an  Exciting Ride
S P E E D   R A N G E   E N D U R A N C E
Digital Fuel Injection
Powder Coated Surface
Reinforced Wheels
Prowler Platforms Are Multi-Mission Configurable
Models shown equipped with optional armor mounts and litter.
Full Coverage Skid Plate
Heavy Duty Suspension
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Chrome Alloy Steel ROPS & Racks
True All Wheel Drive
Prowler IID Turbo Diesel  
the platform delivering 30% more power than any heavy-fueled vehicle in its class

The Only Purpose Built LTATV
 Prowler C2
The fastest performance platform! 70mph - Horse-Power Plus..
 Prowler C4XM    
Squad Configured
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